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The Park Ridge News is a monthly community news-magazine delivering local stories to more than 20,000 homes along the Mount Lindesay Hwy (50,000+ readership) from the Logan Motorway to the Logan River.

Park Ridge is at the centre of the Logan West community and is in the middle of a growth boom that will result in the suburb growing from 2500, to 40,000 residents over the next ten years. Park Ridge News aims to give businesses and community groups the opportunity to get their services in front of the thousands of new residents moving into the area.

As the only publication being delivered direct to the letterboxes of all 20,000 homes and businesses in Logan West, Park Ridge News provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to get their message out to new residents.

The magazine includes editorial as well as advertorial and display ad opportunities for local businesses and community groups.
The Park Ridge News is an A4, full colour gloss magazine that’s great to hold and beautiful to look at.

Our Find Us Local section is a low cost business directory opportunity to get you into the hands and homes of locals every month.


  1. Monthly – Surveys shows that most people keep their community news until the next one arrives. Meaning your ad will last one month with most readers in Park Ridge News, as opposed to one week with other local papers.
  2. Large Distribution – Park Ridge News is the only publication being delivered direct to the letterboxes of 20,000 homes and businesses in Logan West – from Browns Plains in the north to North Maclean in the South. This is set to grow to more than 35,000 homes over the next few years.
  3. Direct to Letterboxes – We value our magazine and your advertising so we make sure that Park Ridge News is delivered direct to letterboxes by local distributors and should never be found on the ground.
  4. Industry Spotlight Sections – We custom build multipage, featured sections around your industry bringing together articles of community value and noncompeting businesses that draw attention to your products and services. Ask what we can do for your industry.
  5. Find Us Local – a directory of local businesses and services in an easy reference format and supported by an online directory and social media feed.


Logan West Suburbs include:

Browns Plains
Boronia Heights
Regents Park
Heritage Park
New Beith
Park Ridge
Logan Reserve
Park Ridge South
North Maclean
Chambers Flat


We are ready to tailor a package that suits your business and budget.
Contact Tracy on 0434 527 699 or

PRN Ad Rates 2020


Ordinary Rates - Monthly (4 weeks)

Ordinary AdsCasual Rate3+ Issues
6+ Issues
9+ Issues
Double Page
470 W x 275mm
Full Page
235 W x 275mm
Half Page
Vertical - 105 W x 255mm
Horizontal - 215 W x 125mm
Quarter Page
Vertical - 105 W x 125mm
Horizontal - 215 W x 60mm
Eighth Page 105 W x 60mm$330$297$264$231$198

Premium Ads

Premium AdsCasual Rate3+ Issues
6+ Issues
9+ Issues
12+ Issues
Front Banner(1/4H)$770$693$616$539$462
(Double Page)
Back Page
(Full Page)
Inside Back
(Full Page)
Page 2,3,5 (Any Size)+20%10% off20% off30% off40% off
Preferred Position (Any Size)+10%10% off20% off30% off40% off

Page Sponsors

Page SponsorsPrices
Single Page Sponsor
(Header + Footer 210Wx36MM)
Double Page Sponsor
(Header + Footer 420Wx36MM)

2020 Deadlines

January15 December10 - 15 January
February15 January1 - 8 February
March15 February1 - 8 March
April15 March29 March - 5 April
May15 April27 April - 3 May
June15 May1 - 7 June
July15 June28 June - 5 July
August15 July27 July - 2 August
September15 August31 August - 6 September
October15 September27 September - 4 October
November15 October1 - 8 November
Decenber15 November29 November - 5 December

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