Bryan Bartlett – Division 11 Candidate

Bryan Bartlett

My name is Bryan Bartlett, and I have been a resident of Flagstone for 11 years.  I am married with a beautiful wife, and two adult step-children.  I immigrated to Australia from the United States, and became an Australian citizen in 2014.

I am running as an independent with no political affiliations.  I believe an elected official needs to represent the peoples’ views first, working with the community to decide what is best. I can promise to run and serve with integrity, accountability, and transparency, keeping the community informed not only on decisions that will impact them, but also how I voted on those decisions.

I support growth in Division 11 that keeps our natural identity by building natural recreation options for local and tourism use along side residential and commercial zones. I also wish to see improvements in public transportation and infrastructure, including increased bus timetables and Park-and-Rides.

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