Leon at Bayliss

Celebrating Community Cafe@Bayliss

Celebrating Community Cafe@Bayliss by Peter Brackstone (Division 8 Candidate)

Leon at Bayliss

Leon Smith is a hub of business and community connection. From his Cafe@Bayliss premises in Heritage Park, Leon has connected more people and businesses than any other structured organisation in the area.  Bringing people together, primarily through food, friendship and a common goal, Leon has enhanced the local community for almost 10 years and generated more business for locals than we can measure. He is generous, provides facilities for business and community meetings and makes sure that everyone is catered for and supported.  

For someone working 6 days a week, he gives his free time to visit and support those less privileged within our community.  Leon should be recognised and celebrated as a great example of what it means to integrate and grow the community when you come from afar.  

Well done Leon!


by Peter Brackstone (Division 8 Candidate)