Holiday Tooth tips from Park Ridge Dental

Girl open mouth eating sweet Donut

Holiday Tooth tips from Park Ridge Dental

Girl open mouth eating sweet Donut

With Christmas and New Year treats behind us  we would share some tips with everyone on how to eat sugar and not get cavities!

Believe it or not, sugar does not cause cavities. The truth is, sugar exposure only causes tooth decay when the mouth has an abundance of cavity causing bacteria that can process that sugar into enamel demineralizing acids and/or sugar is consumed in large amounts and frequently throughout the day.

Individuals that do not have a high bacterial challenge or a high quantity of cavity causing bacteria on their teeth are at lower risk for sugar consumption causing cavities.

4 very important tips to remember to prevent cavities when consuming sugar!

  1. Space out the sweets. Indulge with meals instead of snacking throughout the day, and avoid completely before bed.
  2. Hydrate wisely. Resist the urge to sip on sugary beverages between meals, they are usually acidic.
  3. Swish your mouth with plain water after snacking and wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.
  4. Chew sugar free gum to reduce cavity causing bacteria.