Julie and her horse Trinity are ready to help

Horses Can Help

Horses Can Help by Julie Blase

“There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.” ~Winston Churchill

Julie and her horse Trinity are ready to help

Equine Assisted Learning, (EAL) is an emerging sphere where you can experience quantum personal growth. People everywhere are discovering the power of horses, with their unique presence, as a medium for personal well-being. With a qualified coach to support the process through dialogue, you can tap into the ancient wisdom of being with the horse, and find some gentle respite for your soul. EAL offers an innovative medium to enhance social and emotional skills in an alternative outdoor environment. ‘Daring’ is a new enterprise that is offering EAL sessions right here in Logan West.

As humans we are bombarded with messages all day long that make demands on our time and energy. EAL can interrupt the noise and allow us to come back to ourselves and find our equilibrium. ‘Daring’ offers an equine experience that can create the space your mind is looking for. With quiet horses, and a supportive process, you will quickly develop a bond as you come into contact with these creatures. An equine encounter at ‘Daring’ can reset your thinking that will allow for new ways to approach your challenges and enjoy your life.

At this challenging time amidst a global pandemic there are many front-line workers to whom we owe a huge debt. This is a ‘shout out’ to our Nurses, Doctors, Centrelink staff, School Teachers, and others who are bearing the brunt of this historical moment. Here at ‘Daring’ I would like to offer free sessions to anyone who is serving in this way and it is possible to do so ethically, one on one, while practicing good social distancing. Come and enjoy an EAL session to debrief, recharge and recover your energy as you participate in an experience with the horses. ‘Daring’ has a mandate to help people recognize their own uniqueness and would love to host you soon.

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