King of Mushrooms

King of Mushroom

Think of Asian mushrooms and images of cool, damp forests in mountainous regions of China, Japan or Korea spring to mind, not Park Ridge South. But Simon Tang has changed the narrative through his innovation and persistence. 

The well educated computer networking specialist had a very promising career but trying new things has been in Simon’s nature all his life. “Success in a business is joyful but doing business is difficult.” Simon said. 

Simon overcame difficulties in his mushroom growing as he established his business. “I had to learn everything in this field by searching materials in libraries and surfing online for information” he said. He expected the mushrooms to grow quickly and kept checking them every day to see if they had grown. After a few months, “my wish was fulfilled when I held the first fresh mushroom in my hands.” Simon’s brand, Kenon mushrooms, are currently the only Asian mushroom growing company in Queensland. 

Simon is well respected within the business and the Chinese Australian communities for his fine character, easy-going style and generosity to those who need our support. “I am very proud to be Australian because Australia is a paradise of success for those who dare to dream and work hard”, he said.

Simon’s business has grown in the last 10 years and currently operates two farms in Park Ridge South and North Maclean. Kenon has become a popular brand of Asian mushrooms and Simon is known in the industry as the “King of Mushrooms”. Creating jobs for locals is his number one priority as the company grows.

It is empowering and inspiring to see the innovation, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of our local businesses in Logan West who are giving back to the community and creating jobs for the local residents. 

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