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Leo in Lockdown – Can you get these 15 BeeGees songs in the right order?

The theme of this month’s Leo in Lockdown quiz is Brisbane’s own BeeGees.

The quiz is simple. Just watch the video and put the song titles in the order Leo plays them. Then email your list to Leo at

Leo is also offering prizes to those who can get the list correct.

The charity Leo is supporting this month is Dementia Australia. You can join him in supporting this great charity by making a donation on their website

    • I gotta get a message to you
    • Stayin’ alive
    • If I can’t have you
    • World
    • Run to me
    • Tragedy
    • How deep is your love?
    • NY mining disaster
    • Night fever
    • Jive talkin’
    • More than a woman
    • I started a joke
    • Massachussetts
    • How can you mend a broken heart?
    • Lonely days
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