Yash Mark Amity and Karina winners of Catapult Regional Showcase award

Park Ridge High School Champions

Park Ridge High School Champions

A team of entrepreneurial Park Ridge State High School students (known as team HOBLO) has taken out this year’s Catapult Regional Showcase and secured a $2500 scholarship.

The team (Yash, Mark, Amity and Karina pictured and Rani, Josh and Everett) were one of many who took up the opportunity to pitch their business idea to a panel of experts.

“The Catapult Program aims to unleash entrepreneurs and create future-focused career pathways for young people in Logan by building  an entrepreneurial mindset and enterprise skills”, Catapult organisers said.

Catapult aims to connect young people with specialist programs, information and tools while also equipping teachers and parents, enabling them to build stronger links with employers.

“Over two terms, students have learned how to collaboratively develop, validate, pitch and roll-out their own business ideas while receiving expertise and mentorship from local entrepreneurs along the way”, the event website says.

Congratulations Team HOBLO!!