Park Ridge Sends More Supplies to Farming Community

Stanthorpe Supplies

Park Ridge Sends More Supplies to Farming Community by Kerry Anderson

Stanthorpe Supplies

After our initial trip in October to deliver water and money to the drought stricken community of Stanthorpe, the region was hit further by bushfires and heatwaves through November/December. We (Park Ridge Baptist Church) put the call out again for Christmas hamper items and back to school supplies and were able to deliver them in mid December.

As we drove out through Warwick, a blanket of smoke met us and traveled the distance to Stanthorpe.  During the evening of Saturday, the wind changed and the smoke settled in like a fog around the town.  You can smell it, it gets into your hair and clothes, it tastes really bad.  As we drive along we note that there are no crops planted and the fruit trees look really sad and droopy.  The dams are dry everywhere and there are only small numbers of cattle in the paddocks. 

It was a moving experience and we are so thankful to be able to deliver the generosity of the Park Ridge community to the farmers and families doing it tough in Stanthorpe.