Did you know there are over 17,000 children without a safe place to sleep across Australia on any given night?

The Year 10 Certificate I in Active Volunteering students have recently participated in a Homelessness Awareness Week. Part of the focus was to get the students thinking about the issue, the causes and what they could do to help. Yes, one person can make a huge change!

The students were given the challenge to plan and research food for one person for one day with a budget of only $5. This food was then purchased by the students and collected by the class as a whole. The donated food items are ready to be distributed to a homeless community in Brisbane City.

Here’s what students shared when asked what they learnt from the experience:
“A lot of people are not as privileged as us and i have learnt not to take something simple like food for granted”. Breanna
“I realised the value of money and how little you could purchase for $5”. Pippa
“It was hard to purchase healthy fresh food because the items had to be non perishable”. Tash
“I have a new empathy and compassion for others who are not as fortunate as me”. Hayden

We are super proud of the students’ willingness to participate and their compassion.

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  1. Catherine O'Connor

    It would be Good to see what the Students bought for $5
    Catherine O’Connor


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