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From fires to drought to food shortages, residents and the team at seniors living community Seasons Waterford West are making a positive difference, thinking beyond themselves.
Recently, Seasons resident James started a fire fighting fundraiser with a challenge to others. He would donate the first $50, and if over $1000 was raised, he would put in another $50.
Weeks later, James and his Seasons Waterford West community were pleased to hand over their donation of $3000 to the Logan Village Rural Fire Brigade (pictured) who plan to use it towards new equipment, like a weather station or thermal imaging camera.

In February the Seasons Waterford West community was presented a shield for making the largest donation of the whole Seasons Group Foodbank food drive, this one community pulling together to raise the equivalent of 26,370kg of food. For several years, Seasons has supported Foodbank – Australia’s largest food relief organisation.

In another initiative, Seasons Waterford West is recycling cans and bottles to trade the bottles for cash. Late last year they partnered with Aussie Helpers to use the money to buy water for a Charleville family with three young children who had no water for bathing and washing.

Seasons Waterford West community manager Barbara Booth says the residents are continuing the recycling project with the aim of helping further.
“It’s amazing what people power can do – a great result for all concerned! Our residents love having a purpose and making a difference,” Barbara said.

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