Seniors’ togetherness

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After navigating life together for years, creating and maintaining a home, perhaps raising children, traveling, forging careers – surely senior couples should be able to age together in their own homes.

But sadly, often due to medical events, one spouse may end up in a care facility while the other stays at home or lives alone in a retirement apartment.

That’s why Seasons has a different approach, supporting couples to stay together in their own self-contained apartment, regardless of the potential for different care needs. Just like the couple pictured, who call Seasons Waterford West home.

Couples can live independently and, if care is required – even dementia care and palliative care – care services are discreet and respectful of the way a couple wants to live. Team members work with the couple to make sure they both receive the support they need.

The Australian Government’s Head to Health resources explains how connectedness contributes to a meaningful life. Long-term intimate partnerships provide support and satisfaction – and can result in lower blood pressure, stress and depression. Being in a caring relationship leads to resilience against life’s difficulties.

Research has demonstrated that people in good relationships have better responses to medical interventions such as surgeries and live longer than people not in good relationships.

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