Support Groups Bringing Renewed Hope to Locals

PRC Support Groups

Life can be tough and unpredictable at times but Park Ridge Connect’s new Support Groups aim to give Logan West residents a safe place to share and care for one another with the help of a mental health professional. 

While there are many services and resources available for people with addictions, personality disorders and other challenging circumstances, there are fewer services available to the surrounding families and friends who are also deeply affected. Park Ridge Connect Support Groups will give family and friends the opportunity to better understand their loved one’s condition and be better equipped to help. The PRC groups provide an opportunity to talk and listen to others in a non-judgemental, safe environment. 

The first three groups to begin in January 2020 will include 1) a group for friends and families of those affected by addictions, 2) a group for friends and families of those with Personality Disorders, and 3) a group for those who have suffered from Spiritual Abuse or Cults.

Register at or contact Matthew for more information

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