Mark's Bikes

Vintage Motorbike Restoration – Hobby or Obsession!

Vintage Motorbike Restoration – Hobby or Obsession! by Kathleen de Leon (Division 11 Candidate)

Mark's Bikes

Some people like to tinker, some tinkerings turn into hobbies…. and for some… hobbies turn into obsessions!

Mark has been rebuilding lawnmowers and motorbikes since he was 7 years old. Now, 43 yrs later, Mark is still tinkering with motors! 

Mark’s first bike, which was given to him when he was 8 years old was a Detek Mini Bike. Mark then went on to save enough money for a KX80. Since then, 100s of bikes have been purchased, restored and sold. Mark’s most recent sale was a couple of rare collectors bikes, a 1973 XR75 motorbike and a DGRM80 motorbike which was sold to a very happy buyer. 

Mark loves to collect, restore and sell bikes. Still, all of that is actually to pay for the cars that he is restoring (currently a 1975 GPAK Torana). 

Mark’s love of bikes is quite evident with the sheer number of bikes he has crammed in the dining room of his house, all lovingly restored to mint condition. During my visit, I could clearly see that Mark has many car and motorbike projects at different stages of restoration. 

When I asked Mark if he was obsessed with these restorations, he smiled and said that he was not… he simply always liked tinkering with motors.