Boy Jumping

Why Soccer is great for your Child

Why Soccer is great for your Child by Adam & Noah Early Learning College Head Coach – Coach Harris

Boy Jumping

Soccer is the perfect game for developing young bodies for any athletic endeavor. The first stages of athletic advancement entail creating body awareness, strength and fitness. Upon this core, advanced skills and muscle coordination can be developed for any sport. The Adam & Noah Soccer Club has sessions for all age groups from toddlers to 6 and 7 year old children. “Our Training philosophy is to deliver programming that develops kids physically, engages kids mentally and teaches the joy of physical participation”, says Coach Harris

Team sports helps confidence

The Adam and Noah child physical development program uses a variety of fun games to delight and engage kids in physical activity. The curriculum is professionally designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, and create self confidence in kids and younger children. It stresses a non-competitive environment and promotes fun above all else.